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My journey to happiness and independence as a single woman

My daily life changed the day I had to learn to live without him. Him, the one who was my anchor, my universe, my everything. Through my narration, I will share with you the intensity of my emotional journey, the agony of the first days, the poignant loneliness when we became me, then the acceptance and rebirth.

Here then, without any taboo or barrier, is my story, my life without him…# My Life Without Him: A Testimony of Loss and Resilience There are days when the absence of his presence is more palpable than ‘habit. Like waves, memories wash over us, pulling us to the bottom of the ocean of our sorrow.

It is in these moments that Elena’s words resonate most clearly in my mind. It’s like a piece of my heart has been ripped out. I miss him every day, every hour, every minute. She said it with such sincerity and sadness that it took my breath away. The house seems bigger without him.

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The rooms are filled with his absence. The walls echo with the silence he left behind. Elena had once shared, The objects he touched, the clothes he wore, everything reminded me of him. Every corner of our house screams his name. There is a strange beauty in the way Elena talks about her loss.

Despite the obvious pain, there is resilience lurking beneath the surface.

She said, He is no longer here, but he still lives in me. In my memories, in my laughter, in the tears I shed for him. My life without him is a challenge, but it’s a battle I’m determined to win. My life without him is not the same. He left a void that nothing can fill.

But as Elena said so well, We must continue to live, to love, to laugh. For them, for us. And that’s what I strive to do every day.

He left you and you are devastated? I share with you my story and my return to happiness (7 steps)© Ekomatcentrum

1. I learned to love myself above all

It may sound cliché, but it’s essential to remember that self-love is the first step to overcoming grief. The end of my relationship allowed me to take a step back and realize my worth. I began to appreciate my qualities and accept my flaws, and this process of self-discovery was an eye-opening experience.

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2. I rediscovered my passions

In a relationship, it’s easy to get lost and forget what makes you happy as an individual. Once alone, I had the opportunity to rediscover what I love to do, and it brought me an immense feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

3. I reconnected with old relationships


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Being single has allowed me to reconnect with friends and family members with whom I had lost contact. These relationships supported me and helped me through difficult times.

4. I realized I could be independent

Living without him made me realize how independent I could be. I learned to manage my life without depending on anyone else, and that gave me immense self-confidence.

5. I learned to appreciate solitude

Loneliness can be scary, but it can also be incredibly liberating. I learned to appreciate peace and quiet and alone time, and discovered that I was capable of distracting and comforting myself.

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6. I started focusing on my personal growth

I used my free time to focus on my personal growth. I went back to school, started reading more, and even started meditating. It helped me become a stronger, more resilient version of myself.

He left you and you are devastated? I share with you my story and my return to happiness (7 steps)© Ekomatcentrum

7. finally, I realized that life goes on

Life doesn’t stop after a breakup. On the contrary, it continues and offers new opportunities and experiences. I learned to embrace change and look to the future with hope and optimism.

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