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small store to European discount giant


The meteoric rise of Action

No one can deny the undeniable and impressive success of the Dutch discount chain, Action. When I think of their humble beginnings in 1993, I can only admire their meteoric rise to the top of the European discount market.

They started with a single store in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands and today have a network of more than 1,500 stores across seven European countries. How did they achieve this level of success?

What is the key to their triumph in such a competitive market? Let’s take a look at this success story.

An irresistible pricing strategy

The key element of Action is its low price policy. In fact, their motto might well be something like Pay less, be surprised. Last year, during my visit to one of their stores in Paris, I found myself amazed by the variety of products available at incredibly low prices.

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Action, the meteoric rise | The success story of the European discount giant© Ekomatcentrum

From gardening accessories to household products, from sporting goods to children’s toys: everything is offered at unbeatable prices. And all this is possible thanks to their conscientious and informed purchasing strategy.

They source products in large quantities directly from suppliers, allowing them to drive prices down.

The majority of their products are private label, which gives them complete control over pricing.

Between simplicity and diversity

Action doesn’t just sell cheap products. The store takes a minimalist approach to its stores, with simple layouts and merchandise stacked on wooden pallets.

At first glance, it may seem rustic, even old-fashioned, but this clean, no-fuss design is actually another key to their success. Simplicity combined with the diversity of the products offered are essential aspects of the appeal of Action.

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The chain offers an eclectic assortment of more than 6,000 products, ranging from home decor and gardening products to clothing and small kitchen appliances.

And they are constantly changing and adding new items to their shelves, which creates a treasure hunt feeling for customers looking for deals.

Commitment to sustainable development

Action, the meteoric rise | The success story of the European discount giant© Ekomatcentrum

Another aspect of Action that deserves to be highlighted is their growing commitment to sustainable development. At a time when consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues, Action launched its Product Sustainability Policy in 2020.

They aim to offer more sustainable products and improve the sustainability of their supply chain. To conclude, I would say that the success of Action lies in its ability to offer products of tremendous diversity at unbeatable prices, while evolving to best meet the expectations of consumers. Today.

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Who knows what this discount champion still has in store for the future?

Maja Frydenberg
Skrevet av : Maja Frydenberg